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Welcome to Osmoco. We are a Canadian Corporation founded in 1979. From our famous Airline Medical kits to our Air Ambulance services, FBO management, construction and patented health care products we have provided engineered solutions and products as well as services in the following areas for more than three decades:

Medical Kits

  • Airline, rail and maritime medical kits and complex field trauma stations
  • Airline, Field and rail First Aid Kits, maritime medical stations
  • Airline, maritime and field survival kits
  • Airborne Mobile Surgical field deployable hospital
  • Critical Care Air Ambulance Services and medical tourism, new foreign treatment options
  • Neonatal airborne Critical Care
  • Airline SARS and Bird flu management and airborne patient/staff kits

Rescue Services

  • Air, land and sea rescue services
  • Search and rescue operations
  • Recovery and forensic pathology
  • Disaster incident management for Airlines, institutions, industry, rail and transportation
  • Airline, Rail, at risk facility and industry disaster planning
  • Special medical and rescue support for special events and situations
  • Rescue field medical stations
  • Hazardous material and decontamination

Trauma products

  • Micro environment dressing
  • Specialty trauma stretcher system and patient isolation transport
  • Low air loss decubitus ulcer therapy surfaces
  • Burn and wound care products
  • Patient infectious agent isolation systems

At Osmoco, we have found solutions for many field medical services and delivery problems, to aviation construction and FBO management, and our patented line of medical and trauma products. We have conceived field hospital planning from Rock Concerts to Pope John Paul II Canadian tour. We have customised many solutions to intricate delivery care issues, disaster planning and Hazardous material and infectious agent counter measures. We would love to assist you and find a solution to your most daunting project. At Osmoco we provide solutions and products that render your task easier and safer with a long track record of satisfied customers. After all, not many providers are still around more than thirty five years after their creation. Call us our family, employees, consultants and friends are here to assist you in any way we can.