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About Us

Osmoco is a Canadian Corporation operating in Canada and overseas as far away as French Polynesia. Osmoco, historically developed and operated trauma and rescue services in the air, on the water and in the field. We are best known for our thousands of Medevac around the world and also for operating in the far Northern Regions of Canada and especially in Nunavut for many years. Many people have been treated by Osmoco staff in special events, concert venues and during large scale events where Osmoco for example managed the field hospitals for his Holiness Pope John Paul II visit to Canada. On the water, Osmoco with the famous Rescue 7 Aux. Coast Guard vessel made hundreds of rescues and countless difficult operations. Our experience with Hovercraft and jet pump rescue ships is second to none. Osmoco, managed some of the largest train derailments in Quebec. Our experience with the medical aspect of hazardous materials and operations on high risk over the water bridge work or pipeline disaster have cemented our reputation for careful incident and care management.

But developing technology and solving complex health care and trauma delivery is where Osmoco shines the most. In the mid-eighties we obtained a number of patents for our low pressure support surfaces for the prevention of pressure sores. We created some of the most advanced civilian response systems to hazardous materials before many people knew anything about Haz-Matt. Later on more trauma products were added to the full spectrum of solutions you will find on our site. We also patented a porous plastic with the properties of a Unidirectional fluid flow membrane.

With a number of airlines reaching to Osmoco for health care and disaster planning management; we created a number of products for the airline, rail and maritime industry related to medical kits, first aid station, field hospital systems and complete airline airborne care. Today a number of airlines and the Canadian military fly with complete medical care solutions created by Osmoco. In 2013 we launched a whole new airborne Emergency Medical procedure System complete with an advanced medical kit and guide.

In the 1990’s due to the problems we were facing of organising and building our air ambulance and aircraft charter operations; we developed our own expertise in the creation and management of aircraft fleets and FBO construction and operation. Today our FBO services are second to none with large installation’s created in many locations. Our flagship construction project is the Bombardier Montreal completion Center at Etcetera Aviation at Montreal Trudeau International.

In the coming years we are determined to develop more and more trauma care products and also patient transport and isolation solutions. Our airborne deployable surgical hospital is a major technological breakthrough we are extremely proud of. We are also developing the world’s first micro-environment dressing system with a portable hip pack. This product will provide a wound care solution for the active patient requiring isolation of a secondary intention wound closure.

But Osmoco is a wide variety of problem solving ideas. Give us your problem, we can probably create a solution capable of satisfying your needs. From FBO construction to wound therapy, airline medical kits to patient isolation transport system, air ambulance and the exciting new field of medical tourism; we at Osmoco will do everything in our power to assist you.