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Bio Protection Kits

Osmoco Bio Protection Kits are fabricated specially for healthcare professionals and contain much more than just a suit in a bag. Instead, our kits form a complete system comprised of a bio protection suit, goggles, patient care items, and a decontamination module including a solution that has been specifically designed to neutralize viral and bacterial contaminants. We at Osmoco have been in the hazardous material and etiological agent intervention business since 1979. Our more than 35 years of experience in the field have permitted us to engineer solutions to bio protection problems that are user-friendly and consider all the elements needed to have a successful and secure intervention.

Osmoco Bio protection kits are subdivided into three smaller modules; each containing supplies specific to a different stage in the intervention process.

Our special bio protection kits for professionals come in a variety of packages. Our flagship intervention kits contain four complete bio protection sets, two 3M ultra-view masks with special waterproof cartridges, and a host of accessories including digital non-contact thermometers as well as broad-spectrum IR thermometers.

Airline Bio-Protection Kits

For many years now Osmoco has been serving the airline industry with advanced medical kits and integrated medical systems to treat onboard emergencies that are specific to airlines and military transport planes. As a major air ambulance provider for many years, Osmoco developed and engineered bio protection systems for its own personnel that it now offers to the industry. Most products available on the market have not been adapted to the airline environment. In general, these kits are bulky, poorly designed, and do not meet the demands that are unique to treating a patient in a cabin. The Osmoco airline bio protection equipment contains not only bio protection suits; but all the accessories needed to protect the personnel and treat the patient as well as neutralize any contaminants generated by the patient.

Fig. A On the far left is emesis that has been treated by our Osmoco Bio Hazard neutralising and congealing agent; to contrast, on the right is emesis that has not been treated, this means that it still contains biologically active body fluids that could pose a threath to the rescuer if not neutralised.

At the heart of the Osmoco system is the body fluid containment solution, which is a neutralizing agent that congeals and kills the viral and bacterial agents contained in body fluid. Everything is designed to render the flight attendant or caregiver’s job as simple as possible with state-of-the-art protective equipment. Osmoco offers full training, video, and support documentation relating to all its medical products.