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We at OSMOCO are very proud of our heritage of the past twenty five years. Today thousands of people have been saved or assisted by OSMOCO in the air via our Air-Ambulance system, on water with more than fifteen hundred rescues operations, and on land with countless sick and injured being treated in our field hospitals.

Winter Rescue

At OSMOCO we have developed winter operations capabilities in addition to having developed a number of specialty devices and equipment for winter operation support. OSMOCO has provided guidance for a number of races and events in the hinterland and we are familiar with ice rescue, aircraft arctic operations, snowmobile rescue and field support.

OSMOCO owns a variety of specialty winter rescue equipment like a Scatt Rescue Hovercrafts, track vehicles, field command post, and a variety of snowmobiles

We also have skid mounted equipment such as:

  • Portable mini clinics
  • Generators and light sets
  • Water pumps
  • Propane fired field latrine
  • Porta-Heat furnaces of up to 800,000

Water Rescue

Water rescue is a significant part of OSMOCO operations. In the last twenty-five years, we have executed more than fifteen hundred water related rescues and operations in, one of the most treacherous bodies of water in the world: the St-Lawrence Seaway. We own and maintain a number of rescue crafts and launches capable of a variety of operations. We are uniquely qualified at OSMOCO to help you with any on water projects you

We have a number of rescue crafts and launches capable of a variety of operations such as:

  • Rescue boats
  • Hovercraft
  • Platforms

Jet drives and rigid inflated bottoms are also available to support your event.