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Airborne Field Hospital

Osmoco's Air Ambulance 747-400 Airborne Modular Trauma Surgical Hospital will be designed as a rapid deployment ultra modern field hospital meeting the 2003 WHO-PAHO recommendation of the committee on Foreign Field Hospitals in the aftermath of Sudden Impact disasters.

The field hospital is a hybrid system capable of treating patients onboard the 747-400 within four hours of landing at an airport. The onboard field hospital has a design capacity of 20 patients. The system is totally independent of outside assistance for two weeks. If time permits or there is a need for additional capacity; we can fully deploy to our 50 critical care patient capability within 12 hours of landing, if the selected site is close to the airport. Additional travel time may slightly extend the setup time required. The entire deployed field hospital is self sufficient for a minimum of two weeks. With a twelve hour full setup window; we are 2 to 5 days faster than traditional field hospital systems presently in use.

  • Descriptive Synopsis of Field Hospital
  • Field Hospital Contents/Pod Allocation
  • Expanding Container System
  • Expanding Container System Continued
  • Container Pressure Air Lock System
  • Facilities
  • Surgical Capabilities
  • Pharmacy
  • Lab
  • Food Service Galley
  • Boeing 747-400 Freighter-Technical Characteristics
  • Main Deck Cargo Arrangements
  • Container Offloading
  • Container Offloading Continued
  • Electrical Grid
  • Lower Deck Cargo Pods
  • Water Treatment Plant
  • Filtration Plant Specifications
  • 20 Water Maker Plant
  • 21 Sanitary Block