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Osmoco is based in Montréal, Canada and is specialized in the construction, operations and setup of new facilities anywhere in the world. We have serviced areas as diverse as Casablanca, Morocco; Tahiti, French Polynesia, to the hinterland of Iqaluit, Nunavut in the high Artic. These locations present conditions few could operate in, ranging from unbearable heat to freezing cold.

One of our strengths is our ability to be autonomous in difficult regions. We have operated Helicopters in the most difficult areas of Canada to Learjet 35 in the Moroccan desert. We have construction capabilities that permit us to be totally independent from services and establish camp to build a new executive airport just about anywhere.

Our modern, transportable shops as well as our expertise in under-served areas make us the ideal candidate for difficult locations. Despite the difficult climates we have worked in, Osmoco has created some of the most beautiful executive terminals (FBOs) as well as diverse facilities like a medical support center for an air ambulance operation in the Northern territories, and a state-of-the-art aircraft completion center in Montreal, Canada. Presently Osmoco is active in renovating and operating FBO facilities in Tahiti and planning an FBO in world-famous Bora Bora.

  • Corporate, charter and Medevac services setup and operations with fixed wing and rotary wing aircrafts. Osmoco has successfully operated these types of services since 1984.
  • Design, Construction, and Setup of FBOs (executive terminals) since 1989. 11 major projects completed with success around the world. We train and manage the FBO staff and the flying personnel so that upon our departure after a few years they can continue to successfully manage the air service we implemented.
  • Management and recruiting of flight and operational staff and services. Aircraft acquisition, sales, and structured financing to enable the project to be well structured.
  • Regulatory affairs, planning, and business scenario analysis of a potential new air service. Ground handling, FBO, GSE and fueling implementation and design of tank farm and pipeline supply.
  • Fuel purchases and cartage in order to control the 35% variable cost of aircraft operations to the user.

Osmoco construction services:

  • Executive terminal planning, construction, and operation
  • Hangar planning, construction, project management and operation
  • FBO design, construction and management
  • Ground-support equipment selection, setup, and training
  • Tank farm setup and management
  • Runway planning, setup, electrical, and construction
  • Project management and Turnkey services
  • Firefighting hangar system design, build and certification
  • Heliport design, regulatory affairs and construction