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For more than thirty years Osmoco has provided management to some of the most advanced FBO facilities. From Montreal to the Nunavut, Casablanca, Morocco to Tahiti, French Polynesia; Osmoco provides full FBO management from initial concept right through to the day-to-day business. From initial planning, construction, facility setup and installation, through to employee training, we will operate your FBO in a successful manner.

We can design and build a facility from a simple practical facility to service a specific need like a resort FBO on a secluded island to an ultra-modern VIP executive terminal. We have a proven track record of building, from simple hangar facilities to very complex hangars equipped with aircraft industrial production and completion facilities.

Osmoco presently provides FBO management in Montreal, and French Polynesia. It maintains the facilities and operates the FBO for clients. Osmoco can also assist an FBO going through a difficult period or requiring modernisation.

At Osmoco we are problems solvers. We have seen problems from anchoring a hangar in permafrost and designing thermal siphons to renovating old hangar facilities into modern, efficient executive terminals. Bring us your challenge and we will do our best to find the right solution.