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Special event support is crucial. From rock concerts to a political gathering of thousands, we can provide essential equipment and support for your medical needs. In the field, the concert hall, auditorium or stadium we can help you ensure attendee safety and satisfaction. Our small ambulances, generators, electrical distribution equipment, lighting, field units can convert any room at your event into a clinic. OSMOCO can also provide emergency heat and air conditioning, water and small fire fighting trailer units. We have generators that vary from 1.5 to 30 kW. Below, is our mini ambulance for special events. Included in this unit are suction, defibrillation, SA02, oxygen and an ALS medical kit. Consult our equipment brochure for specifications for the support equipment at our disposal, or call us at any time for any information you may require. From small field events to large deployments; we can customize and adapt any configuration of our medical devices or support equipment to your specific needs. Should you require a configuration

Large Events

Since 1979, OSMOCO has provided medical services for minor hockey tournaments, major events and film sets. We have covered events as large as regattas and major picture production sites to, large-scale industrial contamination emergencies providing for the medical care of rescue workers and evacuees. During an international Regatta, we treated more than 60 patients simultaneously after a racing boat crashed into the crowd stands. OSMOCO was honored by the city for outstanding performance. Notice the M-51 field hospital, support air-conditioning and generating station, as well as the intensive care unit and command post. Our field hospitals are state of the art aid stations capable of treating approximately ten patients simultaneously. They feature air conditioning, heating and a full medical complement. Most have eight beds, two full intensive care stations and full sanitary facilities. We have a total capacity of fifty simultaneous patients, with all units

Standard Events

Our field clinics are equipped with advanced life support, rescue and medical stations. This two bed ICU unit stretcher station has a full array of diagnostic medical devices: ECG, oxygen saturation, SA02, Co2, IV pump, ventilatory life support, non-invasive and invasive blood pressure monitors, temp and CO, as well as, a full complement of sanitary services. These units are climate controlled and operate through the four seasons.