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Medical Kits

Osmoco integrates its more than 30 years of field medicine experience to create complete care systems that not only make use of custom designed cases; but integrate a care system divided by procedure, each in a specific pouch. This allows the caregiver to work in an organised fashion no matter how difficult the environment. Also, a complete procedures manual provides quick references and illustrations to support the rescuer as he/she delivers more directed care.

First Aid Kit

This first aid kit meets Canadian Air Regulation Standards (CARS) 705.90. Osmoco can upgrade any kit to meet regulatory requirements for your situation. Kits are available in a variety of packaging styles to best suit the storage environment.

  • Basic first aid kit
  • CARS 705.90 standards compliant
  • Water-proof case with pressure equalization valve
  • Clear labelling lists kit contents

Airline Medical Kit

  • Sturdy hard shell case
  • Clearly labelled medical contents list
  • Individual pouches divided by procedure
  • Includes medication and procedures manual

Bio-Protection Kit

Osmoco Bio-Protection Kits are available as both single kits and full intervention assemblies, and come organized into sub-modules: each one targeting a different stage in the intervention process:

  • Personal Protection
  • Patient Intervention
  • Decontamination

As with all of our kits, clear intervention protocols and instructions are included; as well as access to print and video training materials. We also offer specialty bio-protection kits tailored to the following industries: Airline, Cruise, and Professional Intervention. If you have a particularly complex situation, Osmoco can custom engineer an assembly that satisfies your specific requirements.

Visit the Bio Protection page for more information.

Custom Medical Kits

If you haven't found exactly what you're looking for Osmoco can build kits to your specifications. If your organization is in need of a custom medical kit Osmoco will work with you to build a kit that meets all your standards.

Osmoco designs each kit after extensive consultation with the client. First, we determine the specific needs, regulatory requirements, staff ability and scope-of-care of the customer. After which point we create a prototype kit and assist the client in evaluating the suitability of our design to his needs. Once an acceptable version has been agreed upon; we create the labelling, care pouches, and manuals to complete the system specific to the client’s needs. Osmoco also services, maintains, and provides continuous statistical monitoring of your kits in the field. We advise you if any changes or adjustments are warranted.